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These unique diamond spike shaped gemstones are hand cut and also wire wrapped
by hand in your choice of Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Black spotted
Moonstone, Emerald or Lapis Lazuli! Chains are available in your choice of
length: 16" for an extra short length, 18" for a standard length, or 20" for
extra length (Model is wearing 18"). You may also choose your chain finish:
Real .925 Sterling Silver or Silver plated, Real 14K Gold filled or Gold
plated, or Real 14K Rose gold filled or Rose gold plated. I highly recommend
the real 14K Gold filled and the real Sterling Silver chains are they are
tarnish resistant & hypoallergenic! Finally, you may choose your chain style.
All chains are shown in the 5th photo. Necklace comes in a custom gift pouch,
ready to gift or to keep, along with a free die-cut sticker or magnet! Each
diamond spike shaped crystal measures approximately 11x20mm.


1. ROSE QUARTZ: Rose Quartz is a naturally occurring pink variety of quartz
crystal. It is a light baby pink and is slightly translucent. It is known as
the 'love stone' and is said to emit energies associated with love, warmth, and
emotional healing. For centuries people have believed that it aids in healing
personal & intimate relationships and that it fosters romance & sensuality.

2. BLACK SPOTTED MOONSTONE: Moonstone is a naturally occurring semi precious
gemstone which looks clear to white from some angles, and then from other
angles, has an iridescent blue sheen running thru it, also known as a "flash"!
This iridescent sheen is caused by the diffraction of light within its many
feldspar layers. Moonstone has been used in jewelry dating back to ancient
civilizations. The Romans believed moonstone was actually crystalized rays of
the moon! Many cultures have believed that moonstone harnesses the energy of
the moon and passes that energy onto its wearer, bringing harmony, balance, and
calm. This particular moonstone is spotted with black tourmaline inclusions
which give the stones tons of contrast & character!

3. AMETHYST: Amethyst is a violet purple variety of quartz. The name comes
from the ancient Greek work for "intoxicated", a reference to the belief that
the stone protected its owner from drunkenness. The ancient Greeks wore
amethyst and decorated goblets with it in the belief that it would prevent
intoxication. For many centuries, amethyst has been used as a healing &
protection stone, thought to guard against negative thoughts, transferring the
energy into love and protecting the wearer from harm and stress. Amethyst is a
semiprecious stone and is the traditional birthstone for February.

4.CITRINE: Citrine is a rare variety of quartz which ranges from a pale yellow
to golden. Quartz is considered a power stone. It has been called the
"Universal Crystal" because of its many uses. It is said to absorb, amplify,
transmit, and balance energy.

5. EMERALD is a precious gemstone ands a variation of the mineral Beryl. Trace
amounts of the minerals Chromium and Vanadium are responsible for its green
color. Emeralds have been mined in Egypt since 1500 BCE. Today, the world's
largest deposits of emerald are mined in Columbia and Zambia. Emerald is the
birthstone for May and the traditional gemstone for the astrological sign,
Cancer. One of the most famous collections of gemstones in history is
Cleopatra’s emeralds. The Egyptian queen was said to be obsessed with the green
gem and famously split a large emerald she found in two, giving half to her
lover, Marc Antony, when he went off to battle, and later died at the hands of
the Romans. The other half of the stone was found in her tomb. Egyptians would
often bury their dead with emeralds because they believed it had powers of
eternal youth and rebirth. Emerald is also thought to be a stone of
unconditional love, loyalty, and faithfulness.

6. LAPIS LAZULI is a royal blue metamorphic rock which has been prized since
ancient times for its rich blue color. Lapis Lazuli was found and used in the
Middle East as early as 6000 BC. It was used in the creation of the golden
burial masks found in the ancient Egyptian tombs, which were buried with the
mummified Pharaohs. It is inlaid in the famous "Mask of Tutankhamun" (King
Tut), the most recognizable and well known artifact of ancient Egypt. In the
Middle Ages, Lapis Lazuli was ground into a powder and used as the finest and
most expensive of all blue pigments, and was used in renaissance paintings.
Lapis was also used in the famous Faberge eggs gifted to the Royal Russian
family (the Romanovs) in the 1800s. Often nicknamed, the "Stone of Truth",
Lapis Lazuli was believed to promote honesty, truth-telling, and the desire for
knowledge, as well as enhancing one's memory.

*Internal fracture lines and inclusions in real crystals are normal and are
not signs of damage. These fracture lines are actually what cause the
iridescence in feldspar minerals such as moonstone and labradorite. They also
give the stones character and show that they are real.

*This listing is for 1 moonstone necklace.

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